20 New All Resist Tyranny

Stopping an Insurrection Does Not Mean Democracy Wins

The Nazis lost an insurrection but later won power.

“A growing minority [of Germans] resorted to lies and conspiracy theories … which blamed scapegoats like Jews and socialists …

“Hitler himself … was arrested. He and some of his associates were put on trial … But Hitler’s claims that he was a strongman who would … make Germany great again won him many sympathies …

“He received a mild sentence, was freed after a few months and relaunched his political career. Ten years later he was Germany’s strongman.

“What … looked like a failed coup
proved successful in the long run because of

  • a justice system that was blind …
  • and conservative political leaders who fueled the myths.”

(quotation from Michael Brenner, in the Washington Post, Jan 9, 2021)

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