20 New All Resist Tyranny

Be Wary of Paramilitaries (“Militias”)

“When … men with guns
who have always claimed to be against the system
Start … marching with torches and pictures of a leader, the end is nigh.”

We can’t practice democracy when there are strong violent groups outside government.
“Such groups can take the form of … apparently spontaneous citizens’ initiatives,
which usually turn out to have been organized by a party or its leader.”

1) the American federal government uses mercenaries in warfare, and
2) American state governments pay corporations to run prisons,
the use of violence in the United States is already highly privatized.”

“For violence to transform … the system, [you need]
A) the emotions of rallies
B) and the ideology of exclusion.”

“Isn’t this more fun than a regular boring rally?” – Donald Trump

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