20 New All Bible Economic Justice

What We ARE Now. What We NEED Now. (Isaiah 58.)


1 Evil worship.  2 Workers mistreated.  3 Strife.  4 Injustice.  5 Oppression.  6 Selfishness, greed.  7 Letting people starve!  8 Indifference.

“They seem eager to know my ways, AS IF THEY WERE a nation that does what is right.” (58:2)
“… TO SHARE your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter…” (58:7)

II) GREAT HOPES! (USA Needs These)

1 Light.  2 Healing.  3 God’s protection.  4 Answered prayer.  5 Prosperity.  6 Rebuilding.  7 Joy!

“Then … your healing will quickly appear; Then you will call, and THE LORD WILL ANSWER.” (58:8)

(It’s short. Go see!)
(Short articles on Isaiah 58)

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